Anthem Country Club Homes

Buying or renting a home in the Anthem Country Club, along with paying the HOA dues, will give you and your family access to the two Anthem Country Club Fitness Centers, two pools, two restaurants and tennis courts located inside the Anthem Country Club. This will also give you access to the main Anthem Community Center, which features a fitness center and large waterpark and lap pool, along with all the parks, sports fields(baseball,softball, soccer,tennis, basketball, volleyball) & community events yearlong all around Anthem. 

These homes are labeled by the specific floor plan & approximate square footage, along with what series that floor plan is apart of.

The Mariposa- 1023- Palo Verde Series 

The Primrose-1266- Palo Verde Series

The Espino- 1266- Palo Verde Series

The Aspen- 1325- Centennial Series

The Lexington- 1343- Colonist Series

The Dover- 1400- Colonist Series

The Mojave-1458- Palo Verde Series

The Breckenridge- 1603- Centennial Series

The Acadia- 1742- Colonist Series

The Durango- 1751- Centennial Series

The Bonavista-2035- Colonist Series

The Bradford- 2064- Premier Series

The Telluride-2072-Centennial Series

The Peregine-2186- Premier Series

The Bellevue-2189- Cascade Series

The Peralta- 2266- Premier Series


The Banneker- 2298- Premier Series

The Olympic- 2368- Cascade Series

The Hutchinson- 2487- Premier Series

The Bennington- 2542- Founder Series

The San Juan- 2545- Cascade Series

The Cabrillo- 2572- Premier Series

The Catalina-2647- Coastal Series

The Nicolet-2659- Premier Series

The Laguna- 2768- Coastal Series

The Varina- 2780- Founder Series

The Tacoma- 2792- Cascade Series

 The Cambridge- 2828- Founder Series

The Monterey-2977- Coastal Series

The Valero- 2983-Founder Series

The Weston- 3156- Expedition Series

The Arbella-3175- Founder Series

 The Sonoma- 3297- Coastal Series

The Vittoria- 3364- Founder Series

The Brentwood-3437-Excelsior Series

The Radisson-3487- Expedition Series

The Champlain- 3633- Expedition Series

The Castile-3719- Excelsior Series

The Amherst-3738- Expedition Series

The Verrazano-3788- Expedition Series

The Espirit- 3917- Expedition Series

The Hampton-4021- Excelsior Series

The Rochester-4320-Excelsior Series